Since The White Population Of America Is The Majority On Pubic Assistance & Foodstamps Then Its The White Population Of America That Is In Dire Need Of American Job Employment And NOT The Greedy Minorities! Do Better Lives Runneth Over In America? Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Tax Hike Can Be Payed By Getting The Majority Of Welfare Recipients The “White Population” Jobs!

14 Apr

Just as in Iowa its the white population all across America that is in need of employment in America and NOT the greedy minorities. Nearly everybody says the white population of America is the majority on Public Assistance & Foodstamps. Since this is so then its the white population of America in need of American jobs and NOT the greedy minorities. The unemployment percentages of minorities must be a BIG stinken lie. If fewer minorities were on Public Assistance & Foodstamps and had the lesser employed populations then how do they live and pay their bills? Where do they get American money to live on? Do they have a magic wand? You know “abracadabra” mo, money! Why can’t the white population of America get American money to support their families the same way the black and brown populations do? Are they not as good? By now there may be black and or brown people sitting on the edge of their seat ready to blow their top, thinking “white people already get everything.” By each individual race the white population would be over 3/4ths the population or far higher by other races. When you are more it looks like you get more. Adding up who gets what or who does what, the numbers don’t always work this way. The minority population as a whole is nearly half the total population of the United States. The minority and their supporters mindset is, no matter what the minorities do there will always be more white people getting everything. South of the border people use every American protest to make more demands for their own people. Like the May Day protests, these people get out with their signs demanding immigration reform, 50+ million isn’t enough for them they want all of their people here. If immigration reform was passed, nearly instantly another 100 million people would begin flooding over the southern border and Mexicans would be celebrating all across America causing a lot of crimes and problems for a lot of Americans. As Americans react to all this havoc the “happy faced” celebrators response would be, “we don’t care what you say, this is our country now.” As millions pour over the southern border where would these people go and what would these people do? As this is going on they won’t feel the need to continue telling us Americans the northern border is out of control. As they flood into southern states these people would have to be housed and supported somewhere, somehow. Their NOT going to be handed over instant jobs! And we all know as well as they do Latin America and the American Indians are NOT going to pay for this mess. The Spanish speaking population is thinking with all of our people from Latin America on American Public Assistance getting that better life we can utter those famous words. “Theres more white people on the Welfare roles!” As Latinos, Arabs and Orientals continue sneaking over, through and under the American southern border with the aid of American money grubbing Mexico those numbers will climb rapidly due to the fact Latin countries and their people believe only they have a right to have border laws. And due to the fact the American government is wimpy dog crap. A friend of mine had picked up a letter from the top of a row of mail boxes at the apartment building we live at in Mexifornia and the letter is addressed to Muhammad Hussain. There is no doubt in my mine that this person is one of the people that entered this country from Mexico. Past immigration was largely white Europeans that had come to America legally. Since the Latino invasion had started most immigration into America coming from Mexico is non- white illegal immigration. Soon after these people sneak into this country they are considered instant Americans. This is what keeps the number of illegal immigration at 11 million. We are told those peoples numbers are on the rise because they are having that many babies in the U.S. When this whole illegal immigration mess started it wasn’t so the people that was already here could have that many babies. Illegal immigration was designed to dump the load of “we are human” broke baby makers by about 100 million onto the American economy. The number build up of these people is also justified by law enforcement like Los Angeles telling us crime is down. The recorded population growth of the south of the border baby maker is- 1980 14.5 million, 1990 22.4 million, 2000 35 million 2012 50+ million and by 2050 132.8 million. The black American population is expected to rise to 62 million by 2050, thats 23 million more than the present. If the Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous population is at 50+ at present and rises to 133 million by 2050, thats 82 million more in less than 38 years. Are we expected to believe the brown baby maker will make 82 million babies in the U.S. within 38 years. Thats 59 million more that the expected black population. Doesn’t that sound maybe, just a little unbelievable? The Asian population is expected to rise by 79% by 2050. And the Arab Muslim population is expected to double in the U.S. within 20 years but slows worldwide. Are we being told Arab Muslims will be having more babies here in the U.S. and fewer everywhere else? There are people trying to tell us these people are having this many babies here in America and that illegal immigration brought into the U.S. by Mexican smugglers is holding at the “magic” number of 11 million. Are there people telling us “these people” that was always here, wink” wink,” you know the people that stopped coming “just wants a better life” so they can make 82 million babies within 38 years thats “just going to want a better life to?” Is this suppose to make sense? Will there be enough “better lives” to go around? Do better lives runneth over in America? Do better lives grow on trees?Since there are nearly 224 million white people in America, nearly 39 million black Americans and 50+ million Indigenous Latinos naturally the numbers and or percentages for whitie, “the white cracker” are going to look higher compared to the black and brown population numbers and or percentages. Its these numbers that fuels the ignorants in the “this takes off of us and puts on to you” people. Below is a link to the Time Magazine article on “whitie” the welfare cheat. Its easy to tell the person that typed this article is a fool. They make many accusations without a single explanation. For instance the author mentions white mothers on the Welfare roles. What this author doesn’t say is many white women at these welfare offices are having babies by black men. And as the Latino population in America grows more white women are have babies by Latino men to. I know this to be fact, i have seen them myself. Doing a Google search for this article you will find so many other articles giving praise to this Time Magazine article. I have seen this sort of thing before with other articles by authors blaming “whitie” and victimizing the black man or the black population. This is quite typical, someone fingers “whitie” then so many others jump on the bandwagon. Again people can’t add numbers of race by percentages on Public Assistance roles. They still get their numbers wrong either on purpose or they simply don’t do math. The author of this article suggest that Welfare white Americans are less likely to live in cities than black Americans. This author also suggest that since black Americans live in cities they have a better change at finding their way to the Welfare office. This author isn’t thinking, if white people have a harder time finding the Welfare office living in the boondocks then they would have a harder time getting on the Welfare roles. Right! This author is trying to tell us that the reason we don’t see these white people at the Public Assistance offices all across the country is they are getting their Welfare in areas where we don’t see them. Do you think maybe the author is saying these Welfare whites are hiding from us? You would think this author is trying to tell us that the majority of the poorest of the poor “whities” live hidden in areas where we would have to go to with a camera to prove all this i a BIG F’n lie. I bet every rural area all across the country has a Welfare office just for “white people.” The author of this article mentioned Republicans and Welfare cheats all in the same breath and accused “whitie” of being the all time Welfare cheat. During the late 60’s all through the 70’s and up into the early 80’s i lived in black neighborhoods in Detroit. I knew personally by name 4 or 5 black women during that time that had 3 or 4 ID’s or aliases for the sole purpose of Welfare fraud. And as i got around the city i had heard of others. This wasn’t a subject the black community tryed to hide at least not from me. I know i lot about the goings-on in black neighborhoods. Far more than they would now care for me to know. When accusations are maked against the black or brown populations its called RACISM! When these accusations are directed at the white population its thought of as JUSTICE! To get on Social Security you have to had a job for years or be married to someone that had. You can’t receive Social Security simply by being “whitie, the white cracker.” You can also get on if you are disabled under certain conditions. Children can receive Social Security if a working parent has died. That doesn’t go by race either. The key words here are JOB, WORKING, EMPLOYED, NOT WHITE,9171,156084,00.html    Here is another article by someone with similar accusations. In the paragraph that starts with: The Truth?  (Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, u.s. census revealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white, 8 million were African American.)  Going by population by race these numbers indicate that more blacks are in poverty and without health insurance than whites even though 31 & 37 looks bigger than 8. The keys words here are Census and Poverty!  Where i had lived in Detroit for 18 years nearly all black Americans lived in what was called poverty. Also nearly half of these black Americans had jobs either full time or temporary and lived day to day being employed. I saying they didn’t live off the Welfare system. You can’t when you are working. That is unless you have aliases! It appears there are so many people tying together the words “poverty” and “welfare” when “white” people are the issue. What we do have here is someone saying 31 million of white Americans, thats just somewhat over 1 seventh (1-7th) of the total population of white Americans living in America. And these white Americans are NOT getting the special treatment blacks, Latinos, and a number of stupid “whities” say the white population gets. The black population in America is about 39 million, if 8 million live in poverty, 1 fourth (1-4th) of the black population of America, then its more likely what race spends more time at the Public Assistance Offices all across America. In this case one 4th means nearly twice as many than one 8th living in poverty when the numbers of race populations are added to the equation. Its less likely that these 8 million poverty stricken black Americans is 8 million added by the total population of America. If this were so that would put their poverty stricken population at about one 34th or 35th about 4 percent of the total population and that would indicate black America is doing far better than everybody else in America. That would make them less victimized by “whitie” than they want to look. And the 50 million plus of the Latino population isn’t loaded down with jobs either. What we have learned here is “poverty” means “welfare” when the finger is pointing at the white population. In Mexico 80% of the people lived in poverty before most of them forced their way into America. Did Mexico ever have a Welfare System? The anwser here is obviously NO, so this would indicate not everybody living in poverty lives off Welfare. That is unless your white, right! When the white population is the talk of the town the word “welfare” is overlayed over the word “poverty.” When this talk is about black America and or south of the border people these words “welfare” and “poverty” are separated as far from each other as they can be separated. The author of this article also calls Social Security a form of “welfare.” When these two article authors apply for Social Security will they be applying for “Welfare” or will they say they worked for the right to apply?  About 20% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas. about 11% of poor rural families reported receiving any income from (TANF) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. As compared to 14% of poor urban families. And just as everywhere else in America the south of the border “breeder” population is growing rapidly in rural areas. These baby machines had known for decades they can NOT afford to breed like animals yet they continue breeding like fools, this rapid growth of a poorly educated people is the equivalent to an out of control infestation.Four legged mammals were here on the American continents first, before the “We Are Human” people. What “RIGHTS” do they have? They want things too!The greedy finger pointing Indigenous racists should try sharing the continent with others instead of believing everything on the continent belongs to them! Carrying signs saying “We come as Indigenous” does NOT mean you get a “free pass” to the white man goodies. Supposably being on the continent first also doesn’t hand out “RIGHTS” to anything. And borders don’t cross people, animals, plants or GODS gift to the world the Indigenous that brain storm is just plain stupid.If the white population did go back to Europe they would take their America money and destroy everything they built leaving nothing but the land the way it was when blood thirsty, head hunting, primitive tribes lived off the lands and murdered members of each others tribes for several thousand years on the north & south continents. Then the south of the American border people can say “We Are Here As Indigenous” and “This Is Our Continent.” With no white mans law they can go back to their Indigenous blood thirsty chopping off heads law like they have in Mexico. The north & south continents are excepted in documentation as the Americas also known as the new world.And America is not the land of the forest monkeys, jungle bunnies or tribal land primates. Why are the northern & southern continents called the Americas instead of the lands of the Indigenous? The anwser may be progress! Progress makes convenience and convenience is hard to let go of. Progress is NOT the Indigenous tribal way.Since black America has a stong hatred for the white population and the white mans system and laws as they say America is. They can go back to living their old tribal way to and back to the black mans law. African tribes don’t progress much either without the white mans involvment. Africans also murdered and enslaved their own people and Africans from other tribes for thousands of years. And sold thousands of their own people and Africans from other tribes to the white man as slaves for about two hundred & fifty years. After getting rid of “whitie” black & brown can live together side by side without the white mans conveniences and live happily ever after without “whitie.” Jumping up and down with spears in their hands.America’s real povertized population, white America!  Help support America’s deprived white population. Help them live as well as the minority populations do. Help give the “good” life to the people that can speak proper English and spell just as “good” as the people that don’t and can’t.You people said it yourselves, white America should get the jobs they desperately need to get off Foodstamps and the Welfare roles so black America and everything with a sex organ south of the American border don’t have to pay for “whitie” to live. The words “you people” includes white America that is also making this claim. I included this for the people that has a BIG problem with race.  From the Urban Dictionary:  You People – A term to refer to a multiple group of people regardless of race.In our country we may not have diddly squat but in white America we have civil rights, the NAACP and Al Sharpton. When we want something from “whitie” we steal, riot, loot, burn things to the ground, physically harm and or even murder whitie. And i have the word “THUG” tattooed on my belly.We have nothing in our country and get s**t from our own people but in white America we have “RIGHTS” and the right to take back our continent. When we want things we sneak past border patrol into America to get instant “rights.” We then march around in city streets blocking traffic and making demands and saying everything in America belongs to our people so “whitie” get out. And we also get what we want anyway we can. “We Don’t Break Laws, Laws Break Us” We also had Al Sharpton to help us stick it to whitie but after the death of Trayvon Martin maybe not so much now. When the south of the border invasion of America had gotten into full swing most of the black population of America embraced it as a godsent believing they had more people to hate whitie with. What the black population didn’t take into account was the fact that soon after their would be far more of them than their own people just like there are more whities. I’m saying now that the Indigenous Latino population is breeding uncontrollably in the U.S. just as it did in Mexico black America will become more of the minority than they were when it was just whitie that was the majority. The Indigenous from the south did NOT come to America to be black America’s whitie hating ally. I doubt it if black America still sees the growing population of these people now as they did then. And i doubt it that they are very happy with their growing Indigenous numbers either now that this affects the black population. Meaning this fast breeding people is now causing the black Americans more problems than they had with it just being them and whitie.White Americans, white Europeans, Christians & Jews have no “RIGHTS” in our Islamic countries but we Muslims have every “right” in yours. Does this sound like a sane people?   The Muslim woman gets little or no respect and has little or no rights when she is alive so why should she get any when shes dead? As the American government has its back turned on this hole mess Arab Muslims have been crossing the southern American border along with the Indigenous from Latin countries for years with the help of Mexico’s coyote people smugglers. Soon after getting into the U.S. these people become instant Americans. Muslims pay more to sneak into the U.S. than Latin Americans do. It appears there are no laws including border laws for Muslims and Catholics other than the laws their people make up for themselves. I haven’t heard of or know of any Christians that break border laws maybe its just certain “holy” people that can do what they want. As this goes on we hear that we real Americans are RACIST and Islamophobic!This photo was taken in the city of Dearborn “Islam” Michigan! Is that their gang sign?  Arab Muslims move into American cities like Dearborn Michigan. I remember Dearborn well it used to be primarily a white neighborhood just outside Detroit, Detroit being nearly intirely black. These Arab Muslims would only go into Detroit to work in the businesses they owned and they were NOT very popular with the black population. Don’t this sound like Israel & Palestine?The black population refer to them as A’rabs! I have seen and heard MAD black Americans saying “these A’rabs think they come from a tough neighborhood where they come from. They’ll find out what kind of neighborhood their in now.” Is this the “we are one people” brotherly love, the NAACP speaks of? What i seen and heard coming from Detroits blacks was NOT brotherly love for Arab Muslims. What i had witnessed was the opposite of the “we are one people” balderdash recently spoken by the NAACP’s president. Arab Muslims will NOT buy a home to live in in Detroit. Is this “blackophobia” maybe “racist.” Or is it words like this only come into play when the people trying to protect themselves are white people. I think we all know why they won’t live there and NO its not because of “Whitie The Racist.” If Arab Muslims did buy homes in Detroit it was only to rent them out. There was one particular Arab owned neighborhood corner store in the city of Detroit i spend my money at. I would push a large bill through the hole in the thick plexiglass and a bag of marijuana would quickly come back. As far as i know this business never got busted. As Muslims justify their peoples presents here in America on the TV show “All-American Muslim” what they won’t mention is how many of their people are sneaking into this country from Mexico. If they are the out standing citizens they say they are then why do they have the need to be so furtive? They won’t mention that not all of their Muslim businesses are on the up and up and that many of their people become instant “All American Muslim” just as they cross the southern American border from Mexico with Mexican smugglers and the American governments new Latino voters. What they will say is many Americans are RACIST and Islamophobic.And as i do the great out of control baby machine will continue saying “i don’t care what you say” and “we are the majority in California now and there’s nothing you can do about it” as they continue wearing out the word RACIST. As more and more of these people get passed border patrol and continue dropping babies like there’s no tomorrow we are still told “11 million” and Mexifornia is quickly falling apart because these people are now the majority in Mexifornia and they have to be supported by anybody thats not their own people. As this continues every few months Latino officials appear on news stations like MSNBC and they brag with BIG smiles on their faces about their peoples numbers steadily nearing the 100 million mark and in the same breath they also say “11 million.” The only people that could support them now are rich people something rich people are NOT going to do. If rich people did they wouldn’t be rich very long thats why Mexico’s rich won’t support them. One other way to get the state of Mexifornia “tax” money would be toIf self rightous Arab Islam would have poored into the U.S. like the self rightous over sexed south of the border breeder that can’t take care of their own people did then Michigan would now be Islamigan like California is now Mexifornia. We Americans will continue hearing we are the “racists” and we white “racists” have Islamophobia. They all will continue having magical self rightous “RIGHTS” as it continues looking like they have more “rights” than the white “racists” Americans do.Instead of taking these self righteous peoples ridiculous bulls**t quietly i believe in getting the truth out. I don’t believe in lying to and deceiving the American people as these poor picked on with “RIGHTS” people listed do. The people you can’t turn your backs on America as follows: (1) The American government believes they just as the big financial institutions can get away with anything and nobody can stop them. (2) Mexico and the Indignous peoples ridiculous incompetence to provide for their own people. Despite this fact these people are still determined to breed like animals. Its no wonder Mexico’s over joyed to see them go. And the Mexican peoples 40 year war at the southern border with white America. (3) Black America is still playing the poor picked on by “whitie” victim role. (4) Islam’s deceitful “Islamophobia” we come as a peaceful people deception. (5) And some orientals and their countries are playing a technological espionage war with whats left of American businesses and the stupid American government. (6) All of these people believe the white population on planet earth is the most naive, over bearing, stupidest people on earth that should be taken advantage of. If it wasn’t for the incompetent boobery of the United States government and the over sexed incompetent boobery of these people we all wouldn’t be going to HELL in a hand basket. I want you the majority of Welfare resipients the “white” population of Los Angeles to get the jobs you need to pay my tax hikes. Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants more businesses to setup shop in Los Angeles Mexifornia faster than the flood of his people makes it pass border patrol. All 50 states are in need of more businesses NOT just the state of Mexifornia or NOT just the states and cities where south of the border people are the majority. Villaraigosa also wants more “tax” money for transit he wants a permanent tax hike, he wants to extend half cent sales tax and he wants the Dodgers owner to be in Los Angeles. Antonio Villaraigosa can get what he wants for his people by getting the “white” majority of Public Assistance recipients jobs so they can pay these outrageous tax hikes. Since it is the white population of America that is the majority on the Welfare roles the minority populations in America must be far better off and they don’t need these jobs as bad as the Welfare “whities” do.       Blogs i have done since 2010.     Unfinished!


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